The Mustard Seed Foundation


Kneeling fairy

Light a candle and pray for our new world -
one of love, compassion, light and peace.
Join us and pray for the Earth
For the air - the water - for all
living creatures and the plants and trees.
Help us to listen - to be quiet
Connect to our spirits - and souls
Acknowledge the beauty and feel it inside.

We can do this.


Click the wings to email us
if you'd like us to send a candle
(don't forget to include your
name and address)

or just call us at 540-675-9927



Please help us send LIGHT to:

  Julie   Louise wings Berk
  Judy   Ellie   Chris
wings Waterford   Dennis   Wade
  Tom   Alice wings Teddy
  Dorothy wings Ruth   Todd
wings Robin   Steph wings Ester
  Michael   Dennis   Allen
  Mary Pat wings Howard wings Barbara
wings Ann   Bill   Anthony
  Parker   Clover wings Les
  Michael   Derrick wings Michael
  Kelly   John   Alberto
    wings Will   Elijah

If you wish to include anyone or yourself here,
just call 540-675-9927


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