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It's all there -- Really -- it's up to you to connect.......

in your own way!

To know yourself - to help you to help yourself - learn to

Know yourself - to have growth and freedom of spirit

To be thankful

To be grateful


To let go of old habits

that are no longer helpful

but are holding you back

To be aware of the sound of your

from where does it come?

To Listen - shhhh!

To hear your own music

It's up to you .....

Reconnect to - learn from a wondrous teacher.

Deepen your relationship with animals

plants humans trees yourself

Listen to the

to the Spirit in all things - in yourself

To be - - no thing

Nothing is impossible ...

if ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed


Here's a little self-help for you right now --

There you sit

OK - RELAX -- shhhh! turn off your mind - BREATHE.

Drop your shoulders - let them go. Breathe again.

Close your for a little while.

Blink a few times


Now, wrap your left hand around your little finger (pinkie) on

your right hand .. just hold it ..... and continue to breathe,

letting go on the outbreath -- feel your own pulsing rhythm

and watch the screen.

Don't think -- just feel - sink into it









Wonderful! Hum a song you like

Oh, go on  

Get into it!!


  Tips for Self-Help:

Spend whatever amount of time you need with each color and finger -- it will vary -- some longer, some quicker -- some days longer and others even longer! Go with your gut feelings. Every moment is different and new!



Light a candle ... or three or four while

you work on yourself -- it helps.

The more you let go, the more self-healing will occur. Enjoy it. You are helping yourself in many ways --
just don't , please!

Accept your abundance


Before you continue on,

yourself, reaching to

shoulders - BIG BREATH -


wrap your arms around

your back - drop your

Take a few moments -



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